Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's handy having friends with guns

Most nights on the job are pretty boring.  Routine calls are things like chest pain or someone gets a little wild with a kitchen knife.

But every once in awhile we have some excitement.  Some nights too much.

The other night we were called to a scene where a guy had shot three other guys.  Yeah.

And he was still inside the house.  With two more guys he was pissed at... and the gun.

Conner Dixon and Ryan Kaye's crew showed up too, all of us ready to treat these guys, but they were still inside.  So we were just pacing around waiting. And not too happy about it.

Suddenly Shane Kelley shows up.  Shane's a teammate of Conner and Ryan's on the Hawks team and he's a cop.  We also know him from Trudy's.  He's a big, party-loving guy.  A ton of fun to be around.  But now he looks pissed.

Once the other cops fill him in, he stomps over to Conner and Ryan.  "You guys ready?"

They tell him they are, so Shane walks up to the house and bangs on the door.  I couldn't believe it.  I mean, this guy has balls.  He's big, for sure.  And he's got this habit of jumping into things with both feet.  But wow.

Then we hear him yell, "Joe, quit being a dick!  Get your ass out here!"

One of the other cops tells us that Joe is the guy with the gun and Shane knows him because he's busted him a bunch of times but has been trying to help the guy out.

Next thing we know, Joe opens the door.  He and Shane talk and he lets the cops come in and carry the wounded guys out.  We start working on them, but we're all kind of amazed by this, half watching Shane with awe.

Then the two guys who were still inside come running out the back door.  Joe's mad because they're escaping without paying him the money they owe him-- the whole reason for this (well, that and the fact that Joe's had a few drinks).  He starts to run after them and fires a shot, that totally misses but hits one of the cop cars.  Now Joe's headed straight for us and he's looking crazy.

I happen to look over at Shane.  I see him sigh and raise his gun.  He yells for Joe to stop and when he doesn't, Shane shoots him in the leg.  Just like that.  Without even blinking.

Joe falls to the ground crying and swearing.  The cops grab the two guys who were running.  We finish patching up the three he shot-- they're all pretty basic wounds, nothing life threatening.

And Shane walks by Joe and says, "I told you to stop being a dick."

Shane hauls him to his feet and handcuffs him, then brings him over to me and Kevin.  "Make him stop bleeding... I don't want a mess in my car," is all he says.

So, later I have to break it to Kevin that I want Shane to be my new best friend.  Because he can catch a football AND fire a gun.  Kevin can barely throw darts.

Kevin said that he promises not to tell Morgan that I have a man-crush on Shane.

Of course, it's the first thing he says to her when he sees her later.

And Morgan says... get this... "I can see why".