Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Obnoxious Beer Drinkers Are My Kind Of People

I'm a sports fan.  What's not to love?

You get to be loud and obnoxious-- it's encouraged even.

You get to drink beer-- also encouraged.

There are hot dogs-- one of the world's best inventions and once you add ketchup and relish you've got all the food groups.

There are, inevitably, scantily clad women-- and I'm not talking just the cheerleaders.  The female fans can often be counted on to wear short shorts and tank tops in the warm weather. (Thank you, ladies)

And you get to say all kinds of mean and inappropriate things about the opposing team and its fans-- definitely encouraged.

The thing is, I have a very good friend who's an ex-college and NFL player and it's really damned annoying to go anywhere football related with him.  The people in Nebraska are a little football crazy and they all recognize him and we can't enjoy more than a first down before someone wants to rehash the old days and go step by step through his most well-known plays.

SO, when Kevin wanted to drag me to a football game, I definitely hesitated.  For about ten seconds.  (Come on, it's football, even if Kevin gets a bigger head).  But I was thrilled to find the Omaha Hawks.  Because the people who sit in the stands are most definitely huge fans, they're just knowledgeable and blood-thirsty enough to be a lot of fun and... Kevin never played for them.  The people who watch the Hawks play don't care who Kevin Campbell is.

I really like them.

They're a newer team in the amateur football league.   This isn't semi-pro or anything.  This is... less than that.  It's called the Warriors Professional Football League.  But it's good stuff. Since the team is made up of regular guys who work and live right here and just play on the weekend this feels more personal.  The fans are loud and crazy and can drink and swear like they've been in training for this work for years.  My kind of people.

The reason we ended up at that first game is that Conner Dixon and Ryan Kaye, two of the paramedics at St. A's play for them.  Conner's the QB and Ryan's a wide receiver.  They got into a discussion about pass plays or some damn thing that Kevin had to jump into one day.  We did have great seats for it though.  It was annoying that they actually used some play that Kevin came up with, because he wouldn't shut up about it afterward.  But still, I've bought my t-shirt and I'm in the stands for every home game.

And girls, go ahead and wear the short shorts all season... I guarantee there will be some guys there who will help keep you warm.

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