Friday, January 24, 2014

Any man who can bake is a friend of mine

Some people might think it's creepy the way Erin keeps following us all around and taking notes on our love lives, then turning the stories into books but... I like it.

It's a public service, really. Guys who meet my wife, Morgan, always want to know how *I* managed to land a woman like her.  I just hand them the book. It's like an instruction manual.  If they just follow my lead, they too can have happy, fulfilled lives with women who are too good for them.

It's like I'm doing charity work.

(The book also comes in handy when I point her out across a room and the guys I'm talking to don't believe that she's really mine.  It's right there in black and white. Written proof. So there.)

Okay, so Cody Madsen and Olivia Dixon are next.

Now, I'm interested in reading this one too.  I mean, what the hell?  These two are perfect for one another.  Well, other than the whole her-big-brother/his-best-friend-would-never-forgive-them thing.  I figured one day Cody would turn to Olivia and say, "let's be together forever" and she'd say "okay" and that would be it.

But no.  Of course it couldn't be that easy.

I don't know all the details but I do know that the winning-her-over part involved a lot of baked goods.

Now, some guys might think that it's not cool or masculine or whatever for a guy to bake.  I'm telling you, that's just stupid.  When it comes to cookies, who the fuck cares who *made* them? As long as they tasted good, I'd eat cookies satan himself made.

Not that satan would be anything less than masculine-- I'm guessing he's kind of kick ass in a suck-your-soul-damn-you-for-all-eternity kind of way.  And Cody Madsen is definitely masculine.  Not that Cody and satan have anything in common.  In fact, Cody's one of the nicest guys I know. (satan not so much)  And Cody's a fireman-- don't think satan would want to hang out with him much.  Right?  Get it?  A fireman and the lord of the fiery pits of hell?

Yeah, anyway.

I'll just say, Cody had me at "I brought some chocolate chip cookies in for you guys".  Done. We're friends forever.

(I'm sure it will surprise you to know that I don't go around collecting recipes and stuff, but Erin made me say here that you can get Cody's recipe at her blog... )


  1. I heart Dooley so much, he just makes me smile with his wisdom!