Friday, February 22, 2013

Damn, girl

When Kevin and Eve were applying to be legal guardians for Kevin’s little brother, Drew, we all went to the State and became foster parents. 

Mac and Sara were the first ones to have a kid placed with them.  They had two little girls for about a month, while their foster parents were dealing with some other stuff, but they went back to their original foster parents eventually.  That was tough on Sara, but they had a baby boy placed with them a week later and he stayed a couple of months.  Then they found a family who was ready to adopt and he went to them.  That also tore Sara up.  Now they have Elijah.  He’s been with them for almost five months now.  I have a feeling he’s gonna stay.

Elijah is awesome.  He’s hilarious. He’s two and he thinks Mac is the best thing since Santa Clause.  He doesn’t talk much, but when he does, it’s to parrot Mac.  Which is damned funny too.  Mac’s still getting used to watching his mouth around kids.

The other day, Sara was bending over in the living room to pick something up.  Mac goes, “Damn girl.”  A little while later, Jessica bent over to put her shoe on.  Elijah says, “Damn girl.”  It wasn’t crystal clear, but we all knew exactly what he said.

Especially Mac.


  1. Hihi, please share other Mac-isms with us, I can't wait to hear more about ELijah parroting some things Mac has no idea the little boy has heard :-D LOL

  2. Aww! Elijah sounds like a great little boy!