Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two very important things you should know about me

My fiance, Morgan, is way too good for me.  

I don't have any money, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I'm not the best lookin' guy she knows. Which means two important things-- I'm hilarious and I'm GREAT in bed.

That's right.  Who cares about being smart?

And here's something cool-- for the rest of my life whenever Morgan introduces me as her husband, the people I'm meeting are going to know that I'm great in bed.  I mean, that's what I would assume about any guy who was with a classy, gorgeous, intelligent woman like Morgan. 

Sure, there's other reasons she loves me, but they don't need to know that.  Seriously, I'm totally fine with this assumption.

The guys are all standing up with me.  Kevin is my Best Man and I'm making Sam, Mac and Ben wear tuxes too.  Morgan's got her sister as her Maid of Honor but she's got Sara, Jess and Dani as bridesmaids.  They all cried when she asked them... of course.  She asked Eve to be her personal attendant too.  Eve's not really a crier but she was touched.  Of course, Dani isn't really a crier either, usually.  But her hormones are way out of whack with this pregnancy thing so you never know how she's going to react to something.  She threw a shoe at Mac the other day.  He totally deserved it, but still pretty out of character for her.  

It was damned funny either way.

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  1. LOL, good to know that right after you are introduced as "my husband" all you'll think of is everyone thinking how great you must be in bed :-D LMAO