Monday, February 25, 2013

The most important part of the wedding...

I don't care so much about the bouquets and music and what shoes the Bridesmaids are wearing... but I do care about the honeymoon!

We're flying (on a private jet thanks to Morgan's ex-boss Jonathan... yeah, I set that up... Morgan's not the only one with connections) to Italy for two weeks.  I figured we needed two weeks.  I intend to keep her in the hotel room for the first week... then we'll have some time for sight-seeing and drinking wine.  Anyway, since we've got a long flight, I decided to put together some travel packs.  But I can't decide which one to give her:

For me:
Lori Foster's new book, Pringles, Gatorade, beef jerky and chocolate chip cookies.

Yeah, it's heavy on food.  You think that's an accident?

For her:
I've got two choices.

1.  Chocolate body pens, a finger vibrator, and the I Dare You game .  This will pass the time just fine and we can keep using them once we get to the hotel.  And yeah, so this is really for both of us... I'll share my Pringles with her.

2.  Magazines, Twizzlers, a couple of older Lori Foster books, the new Kelly Clarkson CD.

What do you think?

Yeah, you're right.  I'll get her both.  She'll share the Twizzlers with me.  And I didn't say what kind of magazines I'd get her...


  1. You are the most thoughtful fiancé Dooley! :-D

  2. I've got the latest ARC of Lori Foster's book yet to be released....and I dare say you are going to love it. There's a surprise appearance by one of the Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor...yep, it's a crossover to the new series..woot!